SO BE IT一句何解,百思不得其解...请在行人士帮忙!..

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SO BE IT一句何解,百思不得其解...请在行人士帮忙!..

SO BE IT一句何解,百思不得其解...请在行人士帮忙!..
SO BE IT一句何解,百思不得其解...

SO BE IT一句何解,百思不得其解...请在行人士帮忙!..
SO BE IT 好象中文的"我认了","命是这样就这样吧" 通常是电影里面武士啊,特工爱说的话.比如:
If this is what meant to be,if this is what god wnats to be,SO BE IT.
SO BE IT,语气非常强烈的一句话




SO BE IT一句何解,百思不得其解...请在行人士帮忙!.. It's so beauty何解 一首英文歌,第一句是“It is be so long,那首歌的全名是什么,跪求! 一首英文慢摇第一句是it's be so long中间很多噢拉拉拉拉希望大家帮忙. 英语翻译请问so be it 一句英语的理解,请朋友们帮帮忙,so if you haven’t linked those,it should be should be ok.在上面那句里面是:它应该没问题.还是:它应当确认?整句Some categories do not exist on the development and so if you ha 连词成句a,the,in,weather,to,be,house,pity,so,it's,kept,fine 哪句诗句形容百思不得其解 tend to be...有上下文I have a flip phone,and it's so old all the paint is worn off of it.I think I've had it for 6 or 7 years now.That's doing good for me,I tend to be really hard on phones 最后一句i tend to be really hard on phones 要如何 这题为何选It so happen_________that a policeman was passing by when the accident happened.A It so happened B Happened it so C So it happened D So happened it在这里为何不选 D,不是说so…that句型至于句首要倒装么? there will be heavy rain.she will stay at home(用so合并为一句) 百思不得其解 百思不得其解 Were it not so,far better would it be to fail.词,知道用了倒装句,倒过来是怎样的,if it were not so,it would be far better to fail.另外far better.这里怎么解释. So,What 's it going to be It would be so cool to speak Would it be so bad 歌词 The bag is very cheap.I want to but it.(用so合并一句)